Recent simple pleasures

Going online to order a new pair of pants and finding that not only are they on sale but there's an additional 40% coupon AND free shipping I can (and did) use.

An Amazon order arriving a week early.

Front row parking at the grocery store on a day I didn't feel well and went specifically to get meds. 

The grocery store putting their big floral displays out front.  

Being pleasantly surprised by being completely wrapped up in a book I was sure I'd hate. 

Getting rid of all the memory keeping crap I never used (and never would) but was holding onto regardless.

Buying Emma two new pairs of shoes.

When Madden randomly yells out "MOOOOOMMMMM!" just to tell me, "I love you."

Surprising the kids with an impromptu after-school trip to Sweet Frog.

Being able to sign Madden up for only the first three weeks of Soccer Shots (since we'll only be here for the first three weeks of the current season).

Driving with the windows down.  

Reading four books in a single weekend.

Buying four more books at the used bookstore, for less than $25 total.