Recent simple pleasures

Discovering the r/AccidentalWesAnderson subreddit.

Laying in bed until 9:45 am on a Sunday morning.

Watching my kids have so much fun for hours on end at the indoor trampoline park for the twins' birthday party, even though it meant giving up an entire pool day and not even getting a chocolate cupcake at the end because all the partygoers chose chocolate over vanilla.

Fireworks at Tim's Rivershore.

My new mom shorts.

Doing what I wanted to do all on my own for an entire day.

New body jewelry.

A day on the boat/river.

Finding a long lost high school friend who I legit thought was long lost and dead.

Being invited to 2nd of July Fireworks by Alex and Juli.

Painting my nails.

50kg snatch PR, unexpectedly.

Being told by people at the gym who I respect that I'm a hard worker. 

Getting approved to take a week off to go to the CrossFit Games.

Being invited to go to the CrossFit Games.

New crop tops.

Weekend reading.