Recent simple pleasures

Having a tube of Chapstick (that hasn't been eaten or picked at by one of the kids/isn't empty) nearby when I need it.

Having a hair tie on hand (wrist (desk)) when I need one.

Solo trips to anywhere, especially the library.

An uninterrupted night of sleep (not even waking up to pee).

Sleeping in on the weekends. Specifically: the kids sleeping in on the weekends so I can be awake in the early-morning hours of calm and quiet by myself...without being completely alone.

Sleeping with the windows open.

Mail that isn't bills or coupons/mailers. Especially more than one piece in a single day. 

New-to-me books.

Reading in bed. (Finsihing the entire book in one go.)

Underthings that fit right.

Fresh berries and grapes dipped in vanilla yogurt.

Going to bed early without even trying.

Laundry so fresh it's still warm.

Unexpectedly light traffic on a day I'm running late.

Seeing a vanity plate whose phrase is a long-lost inside joke with a long-lost friend.

Waking up before the alarm clock and feeling 100% refreshed.

Weather just nice enough to lift with the garage door open.