Things Emma are looking forward to when we move

Because I'm trying to put a positive spin on this move with the kids, to hopefully make it more exciting and less shitty, and because I thought it'd be fun to look back on their answers however many years from now, I asked the kids to list the things about our upcoming move that they're excited about. Here's Emma's list, verbatim:

Our new bunkbeds.

My birthday.

Grandpa Paul's house for picking roses.

Grandpa Paul's house for sleeping in his backyard with the tent.


Cooper! (My BFFs parents' dog.)


A little bit of a new school.

Sprinklers at Grandpa Paul's house.

Shayla. (My dad's wife's dog.)

Trying out new food at Grandma's house and eating more fish at Grandpa's house and going fishing.

New ice cream places.

The smoothie place at Oregon. (Jamba Juice.)

Smoothies at the berry farm.

Grandma handing us our Little Passports. (As opposed to having to wait for them to arrive in the mail.)

Our new rooms.

Our new house after we're gonna live at Grandma's house for a couple weeks*. (*Years.)

Playing with new toys AND less toys. (Someone was paying attention during all the Goodwill runs.)

The nail salon.

A new restaurant.

Having a sleepover at the place I got my Lamby. (My BFF's parent's house, where we stayed during our 2015 Oregon trip.)

The school teachers showing me the school.

The fair.

Having News Years at Disneyland.

Going to the museums.

Going to the library.