Things I remember about the DC-to-PDX drive from 2006

The traffic outside of Chicago.

Being unprepared for tolls.

Strange roadsigns throughout Indiana.

The tiniest Walmart ever in BFE, where I bought an Oasis album.

All the Perkins restaurants in Des Moines.

Not being able to find a hotel in Wyoming because we stopped the same night a huge pork show was in town.

The old school, small town airport in Wyoming from which my friend flew back to D.C. 

The landscape in Utah, or maybe Wyoming. Or maybe Idaho.

Stopping at rest stops just to drink a beer before getting back on the road.

The insane wind at a gas station in Nebraska.

Dinner and a drink at an Outback somewhere in Idaho, a couple blocks from my super ghetto motel.

Having zero concept of the value of actual cash, stashing the $1,000+ in cash I had for the trip in plain sight in my door.

Instantly being in an irreversibly bad mood the moment I entered Oregon.