Things I'll miss about where we live

Being so close to Bri and RJ.

Living within 3 miles of literally everything except for my work: daycare, the grocery store, the dry cleaner, the library, a state park, Emma's school, Alex's garage gym, Tropical Smoothie, Target, Ikea, Costco, Homegoods, the mall, the movie theater, the bowling alley, the dealership (car maintenance), my oil change place, Goodwill, Dominos, the Apple store, the post office, a million restaurants, Chuck E. Cheese, GNC, 70 gas stations, the interstate, Duck Donuts, at least six playgrounds...

A light and bright home.

The kids having their own bedrooms.

Having a bathroom in my bedroom.

The view of the intersection from Madden's room. He rarely goes to sleep right at bedtime (usually 1-2 hours later), so each night I draw his blinds up about 8" and lay with him for a bit and watch all the cars getting off 95 and driving up and down Route 1, and we make-believe stories about where everyone is going. We've also witnessed our fair share of accidents in that intersection (including one this morning). This is one of my all-time favorite daily rituals for obvious reasons, but I also love it because I've always wanted to live in the city and having a clear view of such a busy intersection makes it feel city-living-esque for just a few minutes each evening. Where we're moving is the epitome of suburban sprawl/quiet/solitude and I'm not particularly excited about that.

Living in a region where summer actually feels like summer.

Unlimited access during the summer to a free, huge, nice pool within walking distance of our house.  

Free museums and zoos and galleries and cultural and historical sites. 

&pizza, Tropical Smoothie and Duck Donuts.

Interstates with more than two lanes in each direction, and speed limits above 55 MPH.

Having an upstairs and a downstairs, which is the same as saying: having options of where to send the kids when I need some quiet/calm, and having options of where to send the kids when they need some space from each other.  

ANC during the holidays.

The incredibly afforadble used bookstore near my house.

The velocity (fast) and volume (loud) of life in DC-ish.

Living on my own, in my own space, with my own things, by my own rules.