Things I'll miss about working in my office

The walk between the parking garage and my actual building during spring and summer.

Having something that gets me out of the house every day.

Being able to be in the city for a bit each day, even if I'm stuck inside for most of it.

Bullshitting – in person – with my boss every day.

The wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling window in my office.

Having the almost-corner office.

Regular visits from Gen. Sullivan.

The flamboyant front desk guy.

Our fancy bathrooms. Granite stalls, reclaimed wood floors, copper sinks, amazing lighting.

Driving past Ft. Myer every day and getting to watch The Old Guard practice drill and ceremony while stuck at the red light just outside the back gate.

Frequent military flyovers by all sorts of cool aircraft.

Watching TV with my boss in his office, wasting away half (or more) of the workday. 

Feeling like a grownup and actually going to work.