Things I'm looking forward to about where we're moving

Financial stability.  

No income tax.

My parents and Emma and Madden having regular access to each other/the opportunity to get to know each other.  

Being near friends.  

Having a solid support structure in place that allows me to actually see and hangout with my friends – regularly.  

Being able to have Family Game Night with actual family, not just the kids and me.

An affordable gym membership at an elite facility.

A garage to build my own home gym in for when going to the actual gym isn't possible.

A gorgeous library with awesome weekly activities for the kids.  

Burgerville and Round Table Pizza.  


Having an even more flexible schedule and the ability to drive the kids to and from school each day, and to volunteer in their classes.  

Living in a neighborhood-y neighborhood where the kids can ride their scooters and bikes without crazy speeders and annoying hills. 

OLD SCHOOL VIDEO (DVD) RENTAL STORES. I will be taking Emma and Madden to one of the three in our new area at least once a month so that they grow up with the joy of flipping through overpriced magazines and choosing a candy and a movie for family movie night the right way.